Sweet Treats

Welcome to our favourite collection! Here you will find the best Yorkshire Sweet Treats, all delectably delicious in their own right. Made right here in Yorkshire by the finest artisan producers, using the highest quality ingredients and traditional methods.

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With our Yorkshire Sweet Treat Range, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the superior quality of each product.

We love our Yorkshire Sweet Treats range because it is something a little bit different. Most desserts you find in your traditional supermarket are made in bulk by machinery. We don't want to dismiss the quality of such desserts; however, it can't be as good without the love and care of a human touch.

With us, each dessert is an artisan product made by a separate specialist whose expertise focuses solely on creating and perfecting their chosen treat.

Take Mina, the founder, and creator of Cinnammmm in Leeds. Mina does everything by hand, using old-fashioned techniques to create the most squidgy, gooey cinnamon bons found anywhere.

When it comes to cheesecake, nobody has the expertise or experience of Sweet Baby Cheezus. Jonny mixes a variety of the finest quality chocolate with homemade cheesecake mixture to make an incredible product. In all of the products that Sweet Baby sells to us, the attention to detail and artistry in creation is nothing short of remarkable.

Brown & Blond brownies, established in 2010, have become famous throughout the Yorkshire area for their exceptional quality. Brown and Blond have strong core values for using the best quality ingredients. For example, they refuse to use any chocolate which isn’t sourced from Belgium.

Yum Yum Sushi based out of Stourbridge, are hand-rolled desserts, which use only the finest ingredients and extracts to leave a tantalising taste.

Street Lane Bakery creates gigantic doughnuts and other sweet goods. Street Lane bake their doughnuts every day, fresh, allowing for a beautifully soft texture. We love working with Street Lane because of the passion and care they have in baking each product. This attention to detail does set them apart.

Just Desserts are an independent, family-run business that specialises in creating a range of high-quality, award-winning cakes and desserts. Similarly to some of our other suppliers, Just Desserts are a Yorkshire institute operating in the region since 1985.

Our Patisserie section, which includes 4 Eyes and Le Chalet, both take their inspiration from cuisines around the world. This philosophy helps to bring a variety of gorgeous patisserie items to the grand county of Yorkshire.