Restaurant At Home

Now you no longer need to leave your home to have restaurant quality food. Our suppliers have been hand-selected because each of them have mastered the art of their own cuisine. Each product is lovingly prepared by expert chefs, with none of our products coming from factory facilities. 

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Next in our illustrious line-up is Ban's Kitchen by Zaap Thai. Zaap Thai's popularity is impressive, now having restaurants in four cities. The same ingredients, chefs, and kitchens as their restaurant counterpart. The attention to detail Ban (the owner) puts into each dish to produce her small-batch authentic Thai dishes is guaranteed to blow your mind.

No 'Restaurant at Home' range is complete without a proper curry. Saffron Tree's inspiration dates back generations, with Monalisa using her grandmother’s recipes. If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine, then this is the range for you. The chefs of Saffron Tree manage to skilfully balance each dish's spices, helping to create a variety that are rich in flavour and right in spice.

Each Noble House Prepared meal is crafted by Owen Sullivan, a previous executive chef for Gordon Ramsay. Owen has over 20 years' experience cooking up culinary feasts in some of the world's finest eateries. Each dish takes its inspiration from a diverse set of cuisines, with every dish being genuinely spectacular in its own right.

Last but certainly not least, is Lodge Farm Kitchen. Lodge Farm Kitchen is a family-run business that operates on a farm nestled in a valley in rural Herefordshire. They are unique because they use natural hearty ingredients to create contemporary farmhouse food.