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Haighs Bakery

47 products

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4 Fruited Teacakes StakcedButtered Fruited Teacake
Sultana SconeJam On Sultana Scone
4 Fresh White Bread Rolls
Haighs Bakery Jammy Bakewell BarHaighs Bakery Jammy Bakewell Bar
Haighs Bakery White Sandwich LoafHaighs Bakery White Sandwich Loaf
4 Fresh Malted Wheat Bread Rolls Stacked4 Fresh Malted Wheat Bread Rolls
haighs bakery apple piehaighs bakery apple pie cut in half
Haighs Bakery White BloomerHaighs Bakery White Bloomer
Haighs Bakery Malted Wheat Thick Slice Bloomer
Haighs Bakery Wholemeal Tin LoafHaighs Bakery Wholemeal Tin Loaf In A Wrapper
Haighs Bakery Smartie CupcakesHaighs Bakery Smartie Cupcake Cut In Half
Haighs Bakery Brown Sandwich Loaf 1Haighs Bakery Brown Sandwich Loaf 2
4 Long White Bread Rolls4 Long White Bread Rolls
4 Fresh Brown Bread Rolls Stacked4 Fresh Brown Bread Rolls
Haighs Bakery Malted Wheat Sandwich LoafHaighs Bakery Malted Wheat Sandwich Loaf
Haighs Bakery Parkin LoafHaighs Bakery Parkin Loaf
Plain Bagels
Haighs Bakery White Tin LoafHaighs Bakery White Tin Loaf
Haighs Bakery Malted Wheat Tin LoafHaighs Bakery Malted Wheat Tin Loaf
Haighs Bakery Wholemeal Bloomer
Haighs Bakery Large Egg Custard
Haighs Bakery Sourdough Floured Ciabatta
Bag Of Dried Yeast
6 inch apple and blackcurrant pie from haighs bakery
haighs bakery chocolate flapjack bar 1haighs bakery chocolate flapjack bar 2
haighs bakery caramel shortbread bar
4 Haighs Bakery Custard Slices
Haighs Bakery Sourdough White Hedgehog
Haighs Bakery Jam Viennese Bar
Haighs Bakery Spinach and Feta Quiche
Haighs Bakery Gingerbread Man
4 Pack Of Butterfly Buns from Haighs Bakery
haighs bakery cheese and onion pasty
Haighs Bakery Mini Egg Custard
Haighs Bakery Ginger Mini Loaf Cake
Haighs Bakery Quiche Lorraine
Haighs Bakery Sourdough White Bloomer - Mixed Seed
haighs bakery cheese and onion quiche
haighs bakery australian crunch bar
Haighs Bakery Roasted Pepper Quiche
Chocolate Muffins (4 Pack)
Lemon Muffins (4 Pack)
haighs bakery chicken and ham pasty
Haighs Bakery Lemon Flapjack Bar
Haighs Bakery Paradise Mini Loaf Cake
haighs bakery 4 chocolate nest buns
Haighs Bakery Fruit And Seeded Flapjack Bar