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Ian Taylor - Ian Taylor LARGE Free-Range Eggs (6 Pack)Ian Taylor - Ian Taylor LARGE Free-Range Eggs (6 Pack)
Local Produce - Semi-Skimmed Milk
Local Produce - Family Essentials Fruit & Vegetables Box
Local Produce - Feeling Fruity Box
Michael Lee - Mature White Cheddar (200g*)
Longley Farm - Luxury Jersey Butter (250g)
Longley Farm - Banana Yogurt (150g)
Michael Lee - Hawes Wensleydale Cheese Block (200g*)
Longley Farm - Hazelnut Yogurt (150g)
Local Produce - Fresh Whole Milk
Longley Farm - Caramel Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Rhubarb Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Black Cherry Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Greek Style Yogurt (450g)
Longley Farm - Natural Cottage Cheese (250g)
Sykes House Farm - Sliced Cooked British Wiltshire Ham (500g)
Longley Farm - Blueberry Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Apple Yogurt (150g)
Haighs Bakery - Apple Pie (Each)Haighs Bakery - Apple Pie (Each)
Local Produce - Skimmed Milk
Michael Lee - Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar (150g*)
Longley Farm - Raspberry Yogurt (150g)
Delphi - Delphi Houmous Dip (170g)
Michael Lee - Mozzarella (125g)
Michael Lee - Petit Brie (160g*)
Longley Farm - Peach Melba Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Vanilla Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Pineapple Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Mandarin Yogurt (150g)
Longley Farm - Cottage Cheese With Pineapple (250g)
Longley Farm - Blackcurrant Yogurt (150g)
Local Produce - Very Veggie Box
Local Produce - Seasonal Fruits Box
Longley Farm - Greek Style Honey Yogurt (450g)
Michael Lee - Smoked Applewood Cheddar (200g*)
Michael Lee - Red Windsor Cheese (160g*)
Arrow Fresh - Lakeland Dairies Unsalted Butter (250g)
Arrow Fresh - Oatly Foamable Oat Drink Barista Style (1L)
Michael Lee - Mild Coloured Cheddar (200g*)
Longley Farm - Full Fat Cream Cheese (200g)
Swaledale Cheese - Swaledale Original Waxed Cheese (200g)
Michael Lee - Greek Feta Cheese (200g)
Arrow Fresh - Oatly Organic Oat Drink (1L)
Delphi - Delphi Coleslaw (230g)
Essentials - Philadelphia Light Cheese Spread Family Size (340g)
Essentials - Birds Eye Garden Peas (375g)
Swaledale Cheese - Swaledale Blue Cheese Waxed (200g)
Dama Cheese - Yorkshire Dama Halloumi Squeaky Cheese Traditional Flavour (220g)Dama Cheese - Yorkshire Dama Halloumi Squeaky Cheese Traditional Flavour (220g)