We offer beautiful artisan Yorkshire cheeses, restaurant quality ready meals and the finest locally produced yoghurts. Similarly to everything we sell, we pride ourselves on offering a supreme and unique fridge selection. We also offer a huge array of more staple items such as free-range eggs, butter and meats.

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Longley Farm

As well as quality produce, Yorkshire is famous for strong family values. You’ll find these in abundance at Longley Farm. This independent dairy farm has spent more than 50 years producing superior foods enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the UK and around the world. Known for their high quality production standards, the farm’s leading Jersey herd produces delicious milk that’s all used to create their range of natural dairy products. From butter and cream, to yoghurt and cottage cheese, this traditional Yorkshire farm guarantees healthy, wholesome goodness in all its products.

”Arrow Fresh is a new customer of ours, they provide a fabulous range of Longley Farm products along with other local produce, which in turn support our farmers, working tirelessly through covid19 keeping customers supplied daily.”

Michael Lee

Drawing on 30 years experience working for leading supermarkets and running his own delicatessen, it’s safe to say Yorkshire’s Michael Lee lives and breathes cheese. Michael Lee’s team of cheese specialists share this passion for quality and are highly skilled in their own unique roles. From knowing the grass cattle are bred on through to the maturation process, there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to their artisan cheese making process. The extensive range of Michael Lee cheeses even includes vegan cheese alternatives, so everyone can enjoy the taste of their favourite indulgence. You won’t just find an extensive range of British and continental cheeses here; their deli product range is home to fine meats, antipasti, dried goods and more.