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Dried Fruit & Nuts

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Proper Nuts Smokey BBQ Peanuts
Proper Nuts Cheese and Onion Peanuts
Graze - Smoky Barbecue Crunch (31g)
Graze - Punchy Chilli & Lime Protein Power (41g)
Cranberry Impulse Yoghurt Raisins (50g)
Cranberry Impulse Mango Chunks (25g)
Cranberry Impulse Cashews & Raisins (40g)
Proper Nuts Spicy Wasabi Peanuts
Graze Sharing - Smokhouse Veggie Protein Power (131g)
Graze - Sweet Chilli Crunch (31g)
Cranberry Impulse Fruit, Nuts & Seeds (40g)
Graze Sharing - Spicy Sriracha Crunch (111g)
Graze Sharing - Smokey Barbeque Crunch (104g)
Graze - Veggie Salt & Pepper Protein Power (28g)
Graze - Spicy Thai Sriracha (26g)
Cranberry Impulse Raw Nuts (40g)
Cranberry Impulse Fruit & Nuts Trail Mix (40g)
Graze Sharing - Punchy Chilli & Lime Protein Powder (118g)
Cranberry Impulse Smokey Almonds & Corn (30g)
Cranberry Impulse Nuts & Seeds (35g)