Why Arrow Fresh is the best bet for a safe and convenient shop

It’s fair to say the Supermarkets haven’t been able to escape the news in 2020. Throughout the year, there has been a constant influx of stories relating to the industry. We are going to name just a few below:


  • Tesco had to install a queuing system to manage online demand for Christmas
  • According to Public Health England, supermarkets are the most common exposure setting for catching Coronavirus
  • Social distancing can lead to long queues in the rain


One of our key reasons for setting up as a company was to ensure the local community could and those most vulnerable could access food and drink conveniently and safely. Since May, we have always had this principle in mind, which explains why we still offer as soon as same-day delivery across West Yorkshire and flexible delivery nationwide.


Since day dot, our principles have never changed, we understand people want convenience, but convenience alone isn’t enough to attract customers. That is why we also have strong regulations on who we choose to stock. These principles include:


  • We use local suppliers and farmers who create their products with love and care. The use of local suppliers is also more environmentally friendly due to less food mileage travelled.
  • We do not compromise on quality; to become a stockist of Arrow Fresh, companies go through a stringent quality control check.
  • We look to be ethically responsible, ranging from not stocking plastic bags to selling products with a strong environmental or ethical message.


In the present day, companies also have a moral responsibility to protect their employees, their customers, and society as a whole. We take this responsibility very seriously. We deliver all products in a COVID-19 secure way, all of our drivers are present in a mask, with social distancing happening at all times both on delivery to the customer and operationally within the warehouse.


At Arrow Fresh, the only promise we can make is that our values will never change. We have moved on from that single fruit & veg box back in March, now stocking over 1500 lines. But we will always look to serve YOU, the customer.


Why not give us a try? Our range will have most certainly improved and evolved. Unlike many of our competitors, we also still have Christmas slots available and we do believe our Christmas range is special.


We look forward to seeing you again.

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