The creative process of how to make a hamper

A personalised gift hamper couldn't be any more impressive and the most thoughtful gift that someone could ask for. 

Packing a hamper lovingly with a lot of their favourite treats not only makes you feel good, your special person smile, but it also takes the pressure off from finding that one perfect present. 

Custom-made hampers are very different from pre-made ones.  With bespoke hampers, you can carefully select all the items you would like to include, and we can package these up perfectly, presenting them in a stunning keepsake hamper basket. 

Adding a bottle of wine, or their favourite box of chocolates, well thought out, personalised hamper baskets that are lovingly created by yourself are always very much appreciated. 

Gift Hamper benefits 

It does take a little more effort to make your own hamper compared to simply purchasing one that has been pre-made; however, a DIY hamper is often a lot more meaningful, with these gift hampers tailored to the recipient perfectly (and they can also be a lot of fun to make up). 

Other benefits of customising your hamper include: 

  • It makes it useful. 
  • It is filled full of goodies they like. 
  • It can be cost-effective. 
  • Can include fancy items that they wouldn't typically treat themselves to. 
  • It can be practical if made up of some tasty groceries too! 

For some great hamper ideas, make sure to check out our full ranges online. 

How to make a hamper they'll love 

To know just what to put in a hamper, you firstly need to have a theme.  Deciding on a theme helps you focus your options, making it much easier to plan and less haphazard.  Think about whom the basket is for, is it for a special occasion, what are their likes and dislikes, etc.  Ideas could include food, pampering, wine, chocolate, speciality teas, and more. 

Next, set your budget.  This is important as it will help you carefully plan what things to put in a hamper without getting carried away.  You don't need to go overboard and break the bank to make a hamper look amazing.  You could even add little gifts that you have created yourself, making it extra special. 

Then, carefully select your items.  Ultimately you can put anything inside your hamper, as long as you remember that the contents should be personal and well suited to the recipient.  The contents will usually reflect the theme, and you could also consider including things that they would like but might not necessarily treat themselves to. 

We then look at what you should pack your gift goodies in.  If you're creating a DIY hamper from scratch at home, think about possibly a gift bag, basket, you could decorate a shoebox, make use of a wooden crate  -the list is endless.  At Arrow Fresh, we package all of our hampers in beautiful wicker keepsake hamper baskets that you can reuse time and time again. 

Once you have your packaging sorted you then need to pack your items very carefully.  We recommend using a filler material such as shredded tissue paper to help keep everything in place, adding to the surprise of finding more delights inside. 

Arranging your hamper is the fun part. It can be a little like trial and error, to begin with, to help you achieve the best visual results. However, we'd recommend starting with the largest and tallest items first and placing these at the back.  You can then place smaller items around them and even overlap items using tape to keep them in position.  Our most important tip…make sure to fill empty spaces.  We also recommend, where possible, following the rule of thirds, i.e., group things ideally in threes and try to create a triangle shape with your products – trust us, it's eye-catching! 

Finally, add your finishing touch.  Wrapping your hamper basket in cellophane or tying a ribbon or bow to your gift hamper can add the perfect piece de resistance. 

Whatever you decide to put into your hamper, the most important thing is that you have put thought into what the receiver will like. 

At Arrow Fresh, as well as pre-made hampers, we also work with you to create completely bespoke gift themes with items of your choice. 

To find out more, call our friendly team on 0330 043 4575; we'd be happy to help. 

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