Meet The Team

David Richmond - The Boss

David is a Leeds born and bred entrepreneur, who among his many achievements was the visionary for Arrow Fresh. David is proud of his roots and nothing gives him greater satisfaction then supporting local businesses and suppliers.

Favourite food: Murgatroyds Fish and Chips for eat in and Shadwell Fish and Chips for takeout.

Football team: Leeds United

Hobbies: Walking

Fun fact: The only man to get to double figures on plates at the all you can eat buffet.   


Harry Clavane - Operations Director 

Harry, or as his friend know him ‘Hadg’ is a key cog in sourcing and dealing with our wonderful suppliers. The voice of reason in the business, who’s customer service is second to none.

Favourite food: Spag Bol

Football team: Leeds United

Hobbies: A socialite who’s circle includes many Z list stars and a big advocate of the bike.

Fun fact: Part of the COVID-19 baby club



Luke Griffiths - Technical Director

The only none Leeds local within our team, but we will forgive him for that. A true technical wiz, who can claim responsibility for the smooth running and operational side of our swanky website. 

Favourite food: Steak

Football team: Derby County (someone has got to be)

Hobbies: Playing football and a true workaholic

Fun fact: Qualified to be a music teacher at 15 years old, the Arrow Fresh Mozart.


Louis Richmond - Marketing Director

Louis, Lovis, Lov, Lou or whatever else you want to call him, is the brand man. He’s the one responsible for pushing the key messages for the business.

Favourite Food: Chicken Wings (the hotter the better)

Football team: Leeds United

Hobbies: Travelling and undergoing a true journey of self-discovery

Fun fact: Has two degrees from separate universities- check him out  


Lesley Harrison - Finance and Accounts

Our accounting supremo, who keeps our spending in check (Kind of). Always willing to lend a hand.

Favourite Food: Yorkshire Crisps

Football Team: Doesn’t like football, but always has time for Leeds Carnegie Rugby club

Hobbies: Shopping

Fun fact: Lacks a fun fact, but thinks she’s funny


Wendy Graham - Human Resources

A happy camp makes an effective camp, and Wendy makes sure everybody is happy.

Favourite Food: Pasta Pomodoro

Football Team: Leeds United

Hobbies: Running, she makes Paula Radcliffe look slow

Fun Fact: Once auditioned for Who Wants to be a Millionaire- (Spoiler- she didn’t win)


Richard Pearson - Warehouse Operative

He's the man with many a fan, check him out driving Percy through the streets of Leeds and further afield, shouted or praised he will never be phased. 

Favourite Food: Curry (Medium Heat), he simply doesn't have the stomach for anything hotter

Football Team: Liverpool

Hobbies: Fishing- Except when it's raining (Which is often) 

Fun Fact: To be decided.


Mo Jabbar - Warehouse Operative

You'll catch him cruising around in Corbet, delivering food and having a good old chin wag with the customers

Favourite Food: Chicken Tikka Masala

Football Team: Leeds United

Hobbies: Maxing relaxing, a man of simple taste

Fun Fact: He can dislocate his wrist on demand- freaky I know.


Felix Hill - Warehouse Operative

The man who knows the difference between a mangetout and sugar snap pea. A true master of the fruit and veg game, he's the reason why we are just so good with fresh fruit and veg

Favourite Food: Sunday Roast, namely Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, a barrel load of gravy and all the trimmings- A true Yorkshireman

Football Team: Leeds United

Hobbies: Golf

Fun Fact: He has a philosophy degree, meaning he is able to provide clarity on the true meaning of life.


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Barbara Bailey

Great read. Lovely to meet the team behind the fantastic goods and service ArrowFresh gives us. Seems LUFC is very popular with the majority of the team as they are with my hubby. Me – I don’t like footie. Hope that doesn’t stop me getting the fantastic service 😂😂 keep it up it’s working x

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