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Arrow Fresh has always prided itself in sourcing the freshest, high quality, locally-sourced artisan food on the market. With this vision and purpose in mind, it might appear self-contradictory that we haven’t yet sold organic fruit and veg in our growing online store.


While many of our products are organic, we simply weren’t able to find an organic fruit and vegetable supplier who aligned with our ethos- which is to support local suppliers who can provide better quality produce than anywhere else.  


We are delighted to announce that we’ll now be stocking a huge range of organic fruit and veg, grown right here in God’s Own County.


We believe that offering our customers the choice to buy organic is vital in providing an environmentally sustainable alternative and offering wider choice. Recently, there has been a sizeable shift towards eating organically because more and more people are becoming aware of its associated health benefits. In fact, the organic fruit and vegetable global market is currently estimated to be worth $19.16 billion.


But what exactly is organic?

There is still confusion as to what organic actually means. Here are 5 points to give you a definitive answer.  

  • Organic food does not contain any man-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators, additives and genetically modified organisms. Instead, every product is grown from the natural goodness of the earth.
  • By upholding the highest standards of animal welfare and ensuring animals live a happy and fulfilled life, organic farming eradicates the need to use antibiotics to rear livestock.
  • Additionally, due to the demand for animals to lead completely natural lifestyles, the environment they live in has to be natural too.
  • That means the agricultural system instead relies on crop rotation, animals and plant manures, instead of chemicals which can pollute waterways and directly negatively impact the environment.
  • By letting the environment dictate the growing process, it creates a system of production far more sustainable than inorganic practices.


Why choose to eat organic?

  • From a health perspective, recent research from the British Journal of Nutrition has found a considerable difference between produce from organic and inorganic farming.
  • Organic food has more preferential antioxidants accounting for between 18% to 69% more than non-organic methods. Simply put, these antioxidants play an important role in improving overall health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular and inflammatory disease.
  • In buying organic food you can guarantee that your fruit and veg will contain no chemical pesticides, meaning a fresher, cleaner and more pleasurable experience. On the surface these pesticides cause little damage, however over a long time period can cause serious illness.


Who is our supplier?

Our organic food is exclusively sourced from a 300-acre patch in North Yorkshire. The Watson family has farmed this plot in St Helens for over 100 years, using traditional techniques to grow the very best produce humanity can create.


The family grows produce you can trust from their family farm, including more than 40 different varieties of fruit, vegetables and salad. Since official certification in 1999, the Watson family has become internationally recognised for the outstanding quality of its organic produce, a perfect fit for Arrow Fresh.


Arrow Fresh’s mission is simple – to offer our customers the very best quality and choice in the food they buy, enabling them to choose a healthy lifestyle with minimal impact on the planet. We are committed to using as little plastic as possible, working with local suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses.


Our seasonal organic fruit and veg boxes are available soon!

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