From Farm to Fork the Very Same Day

Let's be honest, who doesn't love fresh food! 

  • That crunchy apple
  • A juicy, tender steak
  • The softest of soft sandwich loaf bread 

When it comes to our fresh food, our approach is to be ‘Farm to Fork’ the very same day. We are proud to order exclusively to demand, only using suppliers who source their stock daily. Ultimately we only care about our customers happiness and ensuring our food is always at its maximum freshness is an easy way to achieve this. We do believe sticking to this rule gives us a competitive advantage, since many of our competitors store food over a long period in warehouses.

Our ‘Farm to Fork’ rule applies to the following areas:

  • Butchers Meat
  • Fruit & Veg
  • Bakery Items
  • Fish

Let me tell you a little bit more about how this works using our good friends at Ramus Fresh Seafood as an example. 

  1. You order a Fresh Fish Product. 
  2. We let Ramus Fresh Seafood of Grimsby know by 6 pm for orders the following day.
  3. A skilled team of fishmongers then source and prepare the finest fish and seafood. 
  4. The Drivers then deliver the fish to our premises by 7 am ready for our deliveries that very same day.


Our commitment to this 'Farm to Fork' ideology can only happen by supporting local businesses. Using the local butcher farm or fruit & veg market means we get a product that hasn't had to travel excessive food mileage. Ordering food based on demand leads to no food sitting around and getting old. Because no food is getting wasted we also believe our actions are also sustainable, another key value for the Arrow Fresh team.


By having a clear policy around the freshness of our food, we do believe our food is better than what you would find at your traditional big chain supermarket.

Try it today and experience the freshness.

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G B Richardson

Arrowfresh went the extra mile for us today. They delivered as promised and the items we purchased were excellent quality. It is so refreshing to get fast, courteous service. We will definitely use this Company again.
We are only sorry that due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we couldn’t invite them in for a cup of Yorkshire tea.

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We make local food shopping easy by delivering fresh, high quality, locally sourced Yorkshire produce, straight to customer’s doors as early as the next day, all whilst championing our wonderful farmers and producers to reach new customers across Yorkshire.